CT-PRT® Solo Plug Running Tool

The Solo Plug Running Tool has been designed in order to increase the reliability and improve the performance of current single plug offerings. The plug incorporate- rates multiple fins, similar to long string plugs that improve upon the wiping ability of current plugs. The attachment mechanism is now a collet as op- posed to shear pins. This reduces the amount of material that will need to be drilled up and improves the reliability of the attachment mechanism. A ceramic plug seat has been incorporated into the plug that eliminates the chance of washout due to high flow rates. The plug incorporates a nose seal that is compatible with our standard Type I, Type II, and Insert Landing Collars.

Solo Plug Running Tool allows the plug to withstand 5,000 psi pressure differentials from above and positively act as a back pressure valve at pressures up to 5,000 psi, depending on the size. The Solo Plug Running Tool incorporates a safety device to ensure that the cement job is displaced through the liner. In the event that the Solo Plug does not shear off, the pressure can be increased, and a rupture disk will blow. This will dump the pressure to the annulus, allowing fluid to bypass the plugs so displacement may continue. This eliminates the possibility of leaving a liner full of cement.

  • Multiple Wiper Fins for added displacement Efficiency.
  • Short compact design for ease of drill up.
  • Nose seal for 5000 psi bump pressures.
  • Positive latching mechanism withstands up to 5000 psi from below depending on size.
  • Safety mechanism ensures the cement job will Be complete.
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