Rotating Ball Seat Sub

Model No.: CT-RBS

Product No.: CT-91801

Rotating Ball Seat Sub eliminates the extreme impact of shearing out a ball seat at the bottom of the liner which could possibly breakdown sensitive formations.

  • Full-bore clearance after ball seat shears
  • High-inclination wells
  • Design that ensures that the ball is dislodged as the ball seat shears.
  • Design that ensures that the ball seat is completely tripped and retained in full-bore open position
  • Variable shear-pressure settings for liner systems consisting of numerous hydraulic actuating parts
  • Minimizes risk of ball-seating failure in horizontal sections
  • Saves operation time in long liners because ball does not have to reach liner toe
  • Reduces risk of fracturing formation because of sharp rise in equivalent circulating density (ECDs) when conventional liner toe ball seats shear.
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