Landing Collar Latch Type

Model No.: CT-LCL

Product No.: CT-91703

COMPLETION OIL TOOLS®  Landing Collar provides Latch down seat and seal for the liner wiper plug, and provides an additional back up to the float collar and shoe to ensure that cement remains in place after displacement. The landing collar is normally run one or two joints above the float shoe or just above the float collar. Model “CT-LCL” landing collar is run for either mechanical liner hanger(LHM®)or adapters. The “CT-LCL’ incorporates a latch with Non-Rotational Mechanism to accept, lock and seal the Liner Wiper Plug upon completion of cementing.

  • Drillable-The inserts in these tools are made of drillable cast aluminum for easy drill out, and are compatible with all bit types including PDC.
  • Thread Integrity Maintained-for premium thread manufacturers outside and inside diameters can be maintained.
  • Positive Latch-A latch thread in the insert assures that the wiper plug cannot be pumped upward from pressure below the plug after it has bumped and latched.
  • Anti-Rotation Device-Anti-rotation cavities in the insert, rotationally lock the plug for easy drilling.
    Integrity-Burst, collapse, tensile, and torsional ratings are typically equal to or better than casing specifications.
  • Interchangeability -Landing Collars CT-LCL (Product No.CT-91703) can typically be converted to Landing Sleeves CT-HLC (Product No. CT91703) by replacing latch bushing and by inserting a ball seat and shear screws.
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