Hydraulic Latch Landing Collar With Catcher Sub

Completion Oil Tools® Landing Collar provides a means to both set hydraulic tools and to catch a liner wiper plug in a string of pipe.

  • Ceramic Ball Seat – A ceramic insert has been incorporated into the ball seat of most standard sizes in order to eliminate erosion of the critical sealing area during high rates of circulation.
  • Integrated ball catcher sub inhibits the ball to fall in the wellbore.
  • Drillable – The inserts in these tools are made of drillable cast aluminium for easy drill out, and are compatible with all bit types including PDC
  • Shear Pin Visibility – Shear pins can be adjusted after tool assembled.
  • Thread Integrity Maintained – for premium threads manufacturer’s outside and inside diameters can be maintained.
  • Positive Latch – A latch thread in the insert assures that the wiper plug will not move after it has bumped.
  • Anti-Rotation Device – Anti-rotation cavities in the insert, rotationally lock the plug for easy drilling.
  • Integrity – Burst, collapse, tensile and torsional ratings are typically equal to or better than casing specifications.
  • Interchange ability – Landing Collars CT-HLCCS (Product No.CT91702) can typically be converted to Landing Collars CT-LCL (Product No.CT91703) by removing the ball seat and shear screws.

When hydraulically actuated tools are incorporated in the liner, Landing Collar is used as a ball seat to facilitate the setting of these tools. It is also used to catch and lock (rotationally) the liner wiper plug. A ball dropped from surface seats on the ball seat in the Landing Collar and allows the hydraulic tool to actuate by applied pressure. The ball seat shears at pre-determine pressure and the ball seat along with ball caught into a Ball Catcher Sub.

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