Drill Pipe Wiper Plug

Model No.: CT-DPWP

Product No.: CT-92301

COMPLETION OIL TOOLS® Drill Pipe Wiper Plug is used to wipe the inside of drill pipe and running tools behind the cement, providing a mechanical barrier between the cement and spacer fluid. The CT-DPWP is launched from the cementing head and is displaced through the drill pipe and running tools by cement. When the CT-DPWP reaches at the bottom of the running tool string, then the CT-DPWP latches into the plug and seals. Differential pressure across the CT-DPWP launches it. When the CT-DPWP latches into the CT-CLWP, it is rationally locked by a latch ring

  • Composed entirely of PDC drillable materials (aluminum and NITRILE), the CT-DPWP allow trouble-free drillout, helping to conserve rig time.
  • Latch ring rotationally locks the CT-DPWP to the wiper plug. This feature facilitates drill-out reducing rig time.
  • Seal ring provides a positive bi-directional seal with the CT-DPWP
  • When the CT-DPWP latches in, allowing for a positive shear indication
  • When the plug is released and enabling Liner wiper plugs to withstand a high differential pressure when bumped.
  • Fins and O-rings are made of Nitrile as standard material, which is suitable for most well conditions.
  • Wiping any drill pipe in conjunction with a Drill Pipe Wiper Plug.
  • Wiping drill pipe before it is pulled out of the hole.
  • Combination plugs also available on request.
  • Nitrile fins and O-rings are standard other elastomers are available on request.
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