DPB® Nipple With Drillable Pack Off Bushing

a) Nipple With Drillable Pack off Bushing
Model No.: CT-NDPB
Product No.: CT93503

b) Nipple With Drillable Pack off Bushing (DPB®With Flapper Valve

Model No.: CT-NDPB-F
Product No.: CT93504

The Flapper Valve Assembly DPB® (Drillable Pack-off Bushing) provides a method of sealing off the liner top to allow for cementing. It is generally run directly below the liner top packer or the setting sleeve, and above the liner hanger. Its most common configuration is pin up box down. It has moly-glass chevron seals, Unee-pack seals or O-ring seal to seal on the OD of a slick stinger that is Connected to the bottom of a running tool. When using this pack-off, piston forces are Significantly reduced below what conventional PBR or swab cup seal assemblies yield. It is compatible with all premium threads. The Flapper Valve may be ordered with or without Flapper, as required.

  • Drillability – The inserts in these tools are made of drillable cast aluminum for easy drill out, and are compatible with all bit types including PDC.
  • Security – When using without a flapper Valve and no moving parts, this pack off has the lowest chance of fouling due to well environment.
  • Safety – Reduces piston forces associated With cementing large diameter liners.
  • Integrity – Burst, collapse, tensile, and torsional ratings are typically equal to or better than casing specifications.
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