Casing Wiper Plug

Model No.: CT-CLWP

Product No.: CT-92101

COMPLETION OIL TOOLS® Model Casing/liner wiper plug is used to displace cement through the ID of a liner. The CT-CLWP is compatible with COMPLETION OIL TOOLS Hydraulic Landing Collar (CT-HLC) and Drillable Landing Collar (CT-DCL). It has an extremely good record of displacing cement and bumping in the landing collar and is an ideal choice for any application in which a ball seat in the wiper plug is not required or a dual plug system is not wanted.


The Casing/liner wiper plug is shear-pin to the bottom of running tools. The Drill Pipe Wiper Plug (CT-DPWP) is released behind the cement. When it reaches the CT-CLWP, the CT-DPWP latches and seals into it. Differential pressure across the CT-CLWP launches it. The Casing/liner wiper plug is displaced through the liner, acting as a mechanical barrier behind the cement. It lands in the landing collar, and pressure can be applied as required.

  • One CT-CLWP can wipe liners of the same size but varying weights. This design provides operational flexibility.
  • Several features help simplify or accelerate drill-out,saving rig time.
  • Anti-rotation feature prevent the CT-CLWP and CTDPWP from rotating during drill-out of the landing collar.
  • The CLWP is made of aluminum and elastomeric materials, making it PDC drillable.
  • The design of the CT-CLWP is robust. The sturdy body can withstand high bump pressures when it latches in either the (CT-HLC) or the (CT-DCL) landing collar.
  • A specially designed CLWP can be used to close completion oil tools hydraulic opening stage tool.
  • Nitrile fins and O-rings are standard; other elastomers are available on request.
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