RPB® Retrievable Pack-Off Bushing

Product No.: CT93501

Retrievable Pack-Off Bushing (RPB®provides a superior liner to work string seal that retrieves with removal of the liner running/setting tools, and eliminates any bushing drill-out. It is pressure-balanced assembly that does not exert any damaging loads onto the polished cementing seal joint. All seals are provided in material. Locking-dog assemblies are spring-loaded to insure positive engagement, particularly in hig hangle or horizontal applications.  It is easily installed in the field and requires no special handling or assembly tools. Retrievable Pack-Off Bushing (RPB®) of Completion Oil Tools® is of heavy-duty design and construction, ensuring a long, usable service life. Standard configurations allow for slip on installation over a retrievable cementing seal joint. It may be run in conjunction with any running tool sub, liner top packer, or tieback seal nipple packer equipped with its profile.

  • Positive locking dogs.
  • HNBR internal & external seals.
  • Pressure loading on support sleeve not cementing seal joint.
  • Easy field installation.
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