Polished Bore Receptacle

Model No.: CT-PBR

Product NO.: CT-91401

COMPLETION OIL TOOLS® Polished Bore Receptacle has a honed polish seal bore which is used to tying in to liner with COT® Tie back seal mandrel or by tie back packer . The CT-PBR also provides the extension which is later used for setting liner top packer. It is also used for protecting the running tool assembly during running in of hook-up in the hole. By using junk screen it can also enhance the debris protection system.

  • Honed ID provides reliable seal bore that allows Tie back seal mandrel and Tie back packer to form a effective seal against it.
  • The CT-PBR covering the running tool assembly during the running in, it works as shield for the running tool preventing from damage.
  • The CT-PBR is threaded with Liner Top Packer or with the Setting Sleeve this feature prevents the CT-PBR backing of.
  • Chamfer provided on the top of CT-PBR facilitate to the easy entry of running tool, minimize the risk of damaging the liner top.
  • Standard lengths are 10 and 12 ft lengths up to 20ft are also available on request.
  • Standard metallurgies in most sizes are L-80 and P-110 other metallurgies are Available on request.
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