Liner Top Packer

IHSP® liner Top Packer With Integrated Slip

Product No.: CT-90904

The compression set liner Top packer (IHSP®) that utilizes the High Performance Packing Element design. The Packing element is actuated by applying set-down weight to the tieback extension via the setting dogs on the liner setting tool. This setting force drives a cone under the Slip causing it to expand and conform to the casing ID. The packing element’s will Squeeze and seal off any extrusion gap, A body lock ring system holds a permanent set in the seal once actuated. The packer will provide an effective annular seal between the top of the liner and the casing, thus preventing possible formation breakdown, loss of cement slurry and gas migration above the liner top during cement cure. Hold down slips (HDS® )are available to prevent upward movement of the liner and suitable for horizontal wells. The packer have integral setting collar to rotate the Liner Hanger during running in and cementing.

  • Type I, II and III Tieback are available in 10′, 15′ and 20′ lengths. PBR-type sleeves are available on request
  • Hold down slips available to prevent floating of short liners
  • Packing Element design will not swab off Allows higher circulating rates for better mud removal Permits faster running speeds, greatly reducing tripping time
  • Seal System rated at 10,000 psi @ 400°F. (In Most Sizes)
  • Ideally suited for HP/HT applications.
  • Integral setting collar provided with packer to rotate the hanger.
  • Internal dia. equals to the corresponding liner weight.

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