Tie Back System

Tieback Packer System


Model No.: CT-TBP

Product No.: CT-91202

Completion Oil Tools®  Tieback Packer is Single Grip, Compression Set, Liner Top Isolation Packer (IHSP®).

Tieback Packer System that is most frequently run on drill pipe to repair a liner lap leak or for a monobore liner top completion, using a mechanical setting tool and a liner setting sleeve with PBR Extension. Up on running into the existing liner PBR Extension, the integral seal stem at the bottom is inserted until seated and pressure tested down the work string. Additional slack off weight trips the Collet lock nose and actuates the upper packing element, forming a pressure tight seal between the annulus of the  casing and the liner.

Tieback Packer System is straight slack off weight setting mechanism eliminates pipe rotation, hydraulic setting ports and/or temporary plugging devices to set the production packer.

  • Full Bore single mandrel-Provides an unrestricted ID to the liner top on cein place.
  • The Elastomeric/metal seal element is highly resistant to swab-off and mechanical damage while running in the hole.
  • Seals on the seal stem ensure high pressure integrity even after repeated hot stabbing into the Liner PBR Extension. Due to it strugged design, the Seal is less susceptible to damage while stabbing and un-stabbing under pressure versus the conventional V-type Chevron packing.
  • Slips provide maximum hold down and up capabilities without damaging casing or packer mandrel.
  • Useful as a Liner Top Packer when running scab or tie back liners to surface.
  • Collet lock Nose feature prevents pre-setting while running in the hole.
  • Positive set is held by internal body lock ring.
  • Withstands high pressures and temperatures.
  • Unique design eliminates tubing forces from being transferred into the Packer element.
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