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MRBP-RT Bridge Plug RTV® Tool

MRBP-RT Bridge Plug RTV® Tool

Model No.: CT-MRBP-RT

Product No.: CT-95602

COT CT-MRBP-RT retrieving tool for mechanical set retrievable bridge plug runs and retrieves the CT-MRBP mechanical set retrievable bridge plug. A one-quarter left turn of the tool releases the plug. The field-proven tool design minimizes the risk of its breaking away from the plug during retrieval. The running J-pins can exit the tool only after the spring force is overcome.


  • The simple four-part tool automatically attaches to the plug during weight set-down and requires only a one-quarter turn for release, making the tool easy to run and redress.
  • The spring-loaded design minimizes tool separation from the plug, reducing the possibility that the plug breaks away during running and retrieval.
  • The one-quarter left turn for plug release provides reliable setting in applications with limited rotational movement.
  • The plug locks in place on the J-track with the heavy-duty spring and positive loading, preventing premature plug release and miss runs and saving time.
  • The strong compression spring keeps the plug J-pins securely locked in the tool jay until enough weight collapses the spring, enabling tool removal.

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