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Upper Polished Bore Recepticle

Upper Polished Bore Recepticle is designed for use where extreme tubing movement is anticipated because of temperature and pressure changes during treatment or production. The over all stroke of the PBR customized to best suit the requirement.

Model No.: CT-PBR-U

Product No.: CT-95613

When run-in it is not intended for the shear ring or shear screws to be sheared.

Upper Polished Bore Receptacle is designed to be run above and anchored into the Left Hand thread of a Retainer Production Packer or Liner Hanger.

Upper Polished Bore Recepticle is a polished honed bore, made specifically to receive the PBR-U seal assembly above the packer. The PBR-U seal assembly is held in place inside the honed bore during run in by a shear ring or shear screws.The seal assembly consists of three debris barriers and four seal stacks.

When combined with hydraulic set packers the entire completion can be run in and set on the production tubing string in one trip.

The entire assembly above the packer is retrievable in two trips. The seal assembly is retrieved when tubing string is recovered. The PBR-U housing is easily recovered in a second trip using the specifically designed retrieving tool.

  • A fully retained Z shaped shear ring /shear screws eliminates the opportunity for shear stubs to interfere with the stroking action of the inner mandrel.
  • The PBR-U consists of two sets of working seal units and three debris barrier.
  • Debris barriers tacks are positioned either side of the working seals to provide protection against intrusion of harmful material from the well.
  • A debris barrier is positioned at the entrance to the polished bore receptacle preventing debris falling into the honed bore of the PBR-U.
  • The UPBR has a special retrieving profile to accommodate the Retrieving Tool that allows retrieval of the PBR-U.
  • Retrieving profile allows high torque to be transmitted to break out a premium connection to the Packer below.
  • Each PBR-U assembly is shipped with a te string, allowing the user to pressure test assembled completions simply.
  • The centralizer sub on the PBR-U having large re-entry angles easily accommodates the seal mandrel having a half Mule shoe on bottom as standard.
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