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Control Unit

Control Unit (CU) and Snap Latch Stinger Sub (SSB) assembly is made-up to the work string. 

Model No.: CT-CU

Product No.: CT-95701

(NOTE: The same assembly is used with both the standard and the flapper valve cement retainers). As the stinger sub is landed into the retainer, downward motion will engage the latch and open the control valve or the flapper valve. Two inches of upward movement will close the valve and the tubing can be tested.

A stop is provided in the Latch to limit the upward movement. The Snap Latch Stinger Sub is removed from the Retainer with approximately 10,000 lbs upstrain. (The sub may also be removed from the Retainer by rotating to the right approximately ten [10] turns.

Control Unit of Completion Oil Tools® is also available as per the customer’s requirement.

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