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Model No.: CT- HST-R

Product No.: CT-95609

Hydraulic Setting Tool is a single chamber, tubing pressure actuated setting tool used in gravel pack operations in conjunction with the Gravel Pack Crossover Tool or Hydro-Set Adapter Kit to run and set Models CT-ERD Packers and Drillable type Production Packers on tubing.


  • Short and Compact design increases the efficiency of handling, shipping, and storing as well as operations on the rig.
  • Simple Construction with a minimum number of working parts, making it economical to maintain.
  • Emergency rotational release.
  • Innovative hydraulic setting tool.
  • Advancement over existing setting tools.
  • Higher tensile load capacity.
  • High running torque rating.
  • Straight pull / no rotation “soft” release from packer.
  • Field-proven functionality .
  • Hang Weight is carried on the setting tool lugs. They thread into the Packer Top Sub for increasing tensile load capacity.
  • Torque may be applied through the tool and packer while running in the well.
  • Hang weight is independent of the packer setting pins.
  • Straight pull “Soft” release from the packer.
  • Weight down while the setting pins shear is recommended.
  • Two steel shear pins retain the clutch in place.
  • Changes in hang weight will not cause an early release from the setting tool and a less than optimum set of the packer.
  • No need to rotate off the packer to get high load capabilities.
  • Simpler setting operation.
  • No “slingshot” action when the packer shears free of the setting tool.
  • Easy to control operation on a floating vessel.
  • Easier redress of back up equipment. Drill out the two steel pins and rotate the setting tool out of the packer.

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