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Anchor Latch Seal Assembly

Anchor Latch Assembly

Anchor Latch Seal Assembly is an anchoring and sealing device that connects the retrievable tubing string to the upper bore of the Retainer Production Packers.

Model No.: CT-ALSA

Product No.: CT-95608

The latch component of the seal nipple provides positive engagement with the packer. The seal unit maintains the pressure integrity of the connection.

The additional no go shoulder is designed to provide a positive set down shoulder at the top of the packer and secondly to prevent excessive intrusion of debris into the latch to packer body inter-face.

  • The anchor seal nipple is available with Chevron seal unit as standard with 4140 Material.
  • V-Ryte and A-Ryte seal units with 13% Cr material are optional.
  • The CT-ALSA anchor latch Seal assembly has a no-go OD which sets down on the top of the packer, rather than at the shoulder at the bottom of the upper seal bore.
  • Adequate space is provided for handling purposes on the anchor body.
  • Redress of the seal unit may be accomplished quickly and easily.
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