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Sliding Sleeve


Sliding Sleeve is high performance, equalizing sliding sleeves which allow communication between the tubing and annulus for circulation or selective zone­production.

Model No.: CT-CMD-NE

Product No.: CT-95617

When desired, the sleeve can be shifted open or closed using standard wireline methods and a shifting tool. The Sliding Sleeve tool is designed such that any lock profile and compatible seal bores can be specified to accept a wide range of Wireline Locks. and accessories. The sleeve is available in “CT-CMD-NE downshift-to-open or “CT-CMU-NE” upshift-to-open versions.

The nominal working specifications for the sliding sleeve, in most cases, are burst, collapse and ten­sile equal to N-80 tubing, 375°F service tempera­ture with a 1.500 psi maximum shifting differential. The Sliding sleeves have been designed in four standard materials; 4140, 9Cr-1Mo. 13% Cr and Inconel 718 for a wide range of services.

  • A specially designed Diffuser Ring made of high-strength thermoplastic is critically spaced between the flow ports and the upper packing This prevents damage to the upper packing unit during shifting by controlling the rush of fluid or gas, and lessens the likelihood of tool string damage by providing for slow equalization of high differentials.
  • The seal stack is manufactured from proprietary, high-strength, non-elastomeric compounds that are chemically inert and 30% stronger than commercially available materials. Rather than becoming hard and brittle.
  • Bonding to the metal, as is the case with elastomeric materials, our seal compound actually behaves as a lubricant, alleviating seal bonding problems.
  • Mill slots replace drill holes as flow ports on both the housing and the insert to allow more flow area, reduce erosion and allow higher torque and tensile strengths through the sleeves.
  • Locating the threaded connection inside the primary seal stack eliminates the need for O-ring thread seals and cuts the number of potential leak paths in half.
  • A locking, angled torque shoulder replaces traditional square shoulder to allow higher torques and reduce thread back-off.
  • The threat of galling is further reduced by coating critical metallic components with proprietary surface treatments. This ensures that the sleeve will be redress-able in the future, even when ordered in CRA materials. These coatings also provide corrosion and erosion resistance.
  • Modular design permits conversion from a Sliding Sleeve “CMD-NE” to “CMU-NE” or vice versa, by only changing the Upper and Lower Subs.
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