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Locator Tubing Seal Assembly

Locator Tubing Seal Assembly are used in single-packer, single-or dual- zone installations to provide an efficient leak proof seal between the Production Packer and production string.

Model No.: CT- LTSA

Product No.: CT-95617

The Seal results from the action of Chevron or Bonded Seals that seal off the annulus between the bore of Production Packer and the Tubing String.

Run production string, containing the appropriate seal Assemblies, into the well until the locator section of the Assembly seat on the bevelled top of the Packer body This is indicated by a weight decrease, or more reliably, with accurate measurements and application of pressure to the annulus. Once Locator Tubing Seal Assembly is located ,the calculated set down weight is applied.

NOTE : When sufficient set- down weight is not available, the use of an Anchor type Seal Assembly or additional Spacer seal Units, and Seal Bore or Seal Protector Extension is recommended.

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