Mechanical Set Liner Hanger

Mechanical Liner Hanger With Integrated Packer

Model No.: CT-MCLH-MS1

Product No.: CT-90707        (NON-ROTATING)

Model No.: CT-RMCLH-MS1

Product No.: CT-90708            (ROTATING)

The Mechanical Liner Hanger with Integrated Packer are set in bottom by giving 1/4 right hand turn to the string then give slack off weight on the hanger.  

Integrated Packer with Molded element  provide an excellent seal that can be used to control annular gas migration or protect sensitive zones from well hydro-statics after cementing.

Rotation can be provided during cementing operation which improves cement integrity. Specially designed pocket slips providing high load capacity and exerting uniform load on the casing minimizing the casing damages. Equipped with anti-preset feature present at both top and bottom of hanger avoiding premature setting the liner hanger. J2J® system prevents premature setting of liner hanger.

NOTE: Available in various sizes and exotic metallurgy

  • Molded Seal Element: Equipped with Molded Metal Seal Element with special expandable metal providing high pressure rating up to 15000 PSI , 400 DEG F with V0 validation grade. Molded Element design will not swab off Allows higher circulating rates for better mud removal Permits faster running speeds, greatly reducing tripping time.
  • Guided Drag Spring: Special provision of for drag spring which is guided under the key slot protected from both the sides while employing high running in speeds.
  • Equipped with Taper Roller Bearing: Equipped with tapered roller bearing which provides high load capacity during rotation.
  • Uniform Circulation Rate: The bypass area remains same before and after hanger setting providing uniform circulation rate during both stages.
  • Independent of Liner Threads, Weights and Grades: The Liner Hanger mounts on the outside of the liner pipe; therefore, it is compatible with and independent of liner threads, weight and grades.
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