Mechanical Set Liner Hanger

Mechanical Set Liner Hanger

The Mechanical Set Liner Hanger of Completion Oil Tools®, provides a method for suspending a liner off bottom and in tension by anchoring, or hanging, the top of the liner in existing casing.

The Mechanical Set Liner Hanger available in versions:

a) Mechanical Set Liner Hanger (Single Cone & Non-Rotational)
Product No.: CT90603 & Model No.: CT-MSLH-3

b) Rotating Mechanical Set Liner Hanger (Single Cone & Rotational)
Product No.: CT90604 and Model No.: CT-MSLH-4

c) Mechanical Set Liner Hanger (Double Cone & Non-Rotational)
Product No.: CT90606 & Model No.: CT-MSLH-6

  • Independent of Liner Threads, Weights and Grades -The hanger mounts on the outside of the liner pipe; therefore, it is compatible with and independent of liner threads, weight and grades.
  • No Weld Construction – The slip-seat design provides a weld free assembly to transmit the liner load to the casing.
  • No Special Materials – Liner Hanger System is made from commonly available steels.
  • Inventory Simplicity – For a given liner/casing size, the same can be run on the most exotic or elementary hook-up.
  • Distribution of Radial Slip Load – By optimizing the slip/seat bearing surfaces, the radial slip/ casing load is circumferentially distributed by the slip to the seat.
  • This type of hanger loading protects the liner pipe from collapse loads.
  • No Casing Damage – At rated load capacities, the causes no plastic deformation of the pipe in which it is set.
  • Threads – Both ends of the body have a full pipe OD, which allows for cutting most premium threads.

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