Mechanical Set Liner Hanger

Conventional Mechanical Liner Hanger


Product No.: CT-90601  


Product No.: CT-90602

Conventional Mechanical liner  can be set with either right or left- hand rotation, depending on the type of setting tool or design. Staggered cone provides maximum bypass area which results in ease of running in and circulation. Automatic J-cage permits hanger to return to the run-in position, should the hanger set prematurely while running in the well. The slip cage has a “J” slot and high strength drag springs to manage the movement of the slips with the cones. Mechanical Set Liner Hanger (LHM®) are set through manipulation of the work string (pick-up & 1/4 right hand turn) line up the cones and the slips, and a further slack off sets the slips onto the casing wall. In liner hanger we have four types e.g.: Double Cone & Non rotational, Single Cone & Non rotational, to suit various applications.

  • Open-bottom J-cage is available in right or left-hand set.
  • Automatic J-cage allows hanger to return to run-in position constraining hanger preset while running in.
  • Large bypass area in run-in and set position.
  • T-slot bow springs eliminate use of set screws.
  • Slips provide more biting area to increase hanging capacity
  • Single or multiple cone designs available to match hanging capacity with liner strength.
  • Impart more completion flexibility.
  • Low-cost liner on appraisal wells.
  • These Hangers are available with all API and premium thread connections.
  • case off open hole more rapidly and easily.
  • Drilling with tapered drill string.
  • To accomplish a sidetrack from vertical hole
  • Testing of lower zone of new well before plugging back to primary pay.
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