Mechanical Set Liner Hanger

LHM® Mechanical Set Liner Hanger

Model No.: CT-MSLH-IP

Product No.: CT-90601

Model No.: CT-MDLH-IP 

Product No.:CT-90602


The Mechanical Liner Hanger (LHM® ) with Integrated Packer provide a method for hanging a liner off bottom and in tension by anchoring, the top of the liner in previous casing.

The Mechanical Liner Hanger (LHM®) with Integrated Packer is set mechanically with the running-in string. It provides large by-pass area for easy running and free circulation, and the large distributed slip contact area reduces stress in the supporting casing.

Integrated Packer is compression set that utilizes the High Performance Packing Element design. The Packing element is actuated by applying set-down weight to the tieback extension via the setting dogs of the packer setting tool.

  • Uniform Load Distribution– By optimizing the slip surfaces, the radial slip/ casing load is circumferentially distributed by the slip to the seat. This type of hanger loading protects the liner pipe from collapse load
  • Minimizing Casing Damage– At rated load capacities, these Slips causes no plastic deformation of the pipe in which it is going to be set.
  • Weld Free Construction– The slips are fitted with weld free assembly to transmit the liner load to the casing.
  • Independent of Liner Threads, Weights and Grades– The Liner Hanger mounts on the outside of the liner pipe; therefore, it is compatible with and independent of liner threads, weight and grade.
  • High Hanging Capacity- Unique design of slips and cone provides high hanging capacity.
  • Equipped with Integrated Packer- Integrated Hanger/Packer assembly reduces number of thread connections which improves integrity of Liner and makes it cost effective.
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