hydraulic packers

Hydraulic Set Single String Retrievable Packer


Hydraulic Set Single String Packer CT-HYDRO-PAC is tubing conveyed retrievable tool that provides isolation inside the casing or tubing.

Model No.: CT- HYDRO 3

Product No.: CT-95203

The “HYDRO 3” Packer is designed to be used in all applications. The packer is available with a large bore or standard bore.

  • Suitable for H2S service.
  • Optional Premium Elastomer Trim.
  • Short, compact design-is ideal for negotiating tight spots and deviated wells.
  • Bidirectional Slip System-Opposed dovetail slips prevent movement of the packer in either direction.
  • No mandrel movement-mandrel movement is not required during setting sequence -this feature becomes important in stacked applications.
  • Hydraulic Set requires only 2500 psi to fully pack-off.
  • Fast running during run in.
  • No mandrel movement during setting allows stocked packer applications.

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