hydraulic packers


COT ® Hydro 9 is hydraulic set and rotational release production packer is compact and economical packer designed for low to medium pressure application. It is primarily  used in water injection operations, producing wells, gas lift  applications.

 Features :

  • No mandrel movement for setting.
  • Simple ¼ turn rotational release mechanism
  • Self-equalizing feature during packer release
  • Locking system that keeps the tool extended after the release, which allows to transmit tension, weight and torque to carry out the sequential release of subsequent lower packers in the string.
  • No premature setting of packer, blocked by an integral lock nut.
  • Inbuilt workshop surface hydraulic body testing mechanism during preparing the hook up
  • Available in API 11D1-V-3/V3-R   validation grade.
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