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Hydraulic Set Production Packer


Hydraulic Set Production Packer CT-HYDRO-PAC is a hydraulic-set cut-to-release packer that combines the pressure and temperature ratings and reliability of a permanent packer with the convenience of a retrievable packer.

Model No.: CT-HYDRO 4

Product No.: CT-95204

  • No milling required to retrieve HYDRO 4 packer.
  • Maximum sealing and retrieving reliability.
  • Design to minimize rig time during completion and decompletion.
  • Working Temperature: 0-400 F.
  • Pressures Rating: up to 15000 psi.
  • Available for all casing size and grades.
  • Hot, corrosive, deep, deviated, production or test completions.
  • Wells where minimum casing deformation or damage is desired.
  • Single-trip completions.
  • Multi packer installations.
  • Liner top isolation / mono bore completions.

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