Hydraulic Liner HangerLiner hanger

Hydraulic Liner Hanger

Hydraulic Set CURVED-LOCK Liner Hanger Integrated Packer


PRODUCT NO. (CT-90405)


PRODUCT NO. (CT-90406)     

Completion Oil Tools Model Hydraulic Flex-Grip® Liner Hangers are designed for HPHT environment. Innovative Molded Seal Element withstand high pressure and temperature rating. Metal Seal Element is highly resistant to swab off and mechanical damage while running in hole.

  • The Hydraulic FLEX-SET® Liner Hanger with Integrated Packer is designed to address the challenges of installing tight clearance Liners. Equipped with field proven Taper Roller Bearing which offers rotation even after setting of the Hanger and during Cementing.
  • Integrated Packer is compression set that uses the High Performance Packing Element design. The Packing element is actuated by applying set-down weight to the tieback extension via the setting dogs of the packer setting tool.
  • Equipped with Integrated Packer- Integrated Hanger/Packer assembly reduces number of thread connections which improves integrity of Liner and makes it cost effective.
  • Expandable Metal Bonded Element- This type of element provides high running in speed while minimizing the effect of swabbing.
  • Protected Slips- While running in, the hanger slips are mechanically contained under tool OD and protected in the Cone.
  • High Hanging Capacity- Unique design of Flex slips and cone provides high hanging capacity.
  • Radial Load Distribution– By optimizing the slip/seat bearing surfaces, the radial slip/ casing load is circumferentially distributed by the slip to the seat. This type of hanger loading protects the liner pipe from collapse load.
  • Minimizing Casing Damage- At rated load capacities, the FLEX Slip causes no plastic deformation of the pipe in which it is going to be set.
  • Weld Free Construction– The slip-seat design provides a weld free assembly to transmit the liner load to the casing.
  • Large Circulation Area– The flutes located in the slip and cone offers large circulation area.
  • Anti-Preset Feature– Equipped with anti-preset feature at both top and bottom of hanger avoiding premature setting the Liner Hanger.

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