Hydraulic Liner HangerLiner hanger

Flex-Grip® V Rotating Hydraulic Liner Hanger


Product No. CT-90509

Rotating Hydraulic Flex-Grip® Liner Hanger of Completion Oil Tools®  is highly innovated tools. The hanger equipped with innovative Metal Seal Element is designed to endure exceptionally high circulation rate and achieve high pressure and temperature sealing in the most demanding wellbore environment. The hanger body is built on a single piece mandrel without any internal connection resulting in elimination of potential leak paths.

The hanger body is made by standard API 5 CT material with end connections in compliance to API standards or any premium threads as per the customer’s requirement. The integrity of the hanger remains uniform as the Burst and Collapse rating of cylinder remains same as of liner. The dual tapered ribs slips adds more strength to the hanging capacity of the hanger.

  • High Hanging Capacity- Unique design of Flex slips® and cone with dual tapered ribs provides high hanging capacity.
  • Expandable Metal Bonded Element– This type of element provides high running in speed while minimizing the effect of swabbing
  • Anti-Preset Feature– Equipped with anti-preset feature at both top and bottom of hanger avoiding premature setting the Liner Hanger
  • Weld Free Construction– The slip-seat design provides a weld free assembly to transmit the liner load to the casing.
  • Equipped with Integrated Packer- Integrated Hanger/Packer assembly reduces number of thread connections which improves integrity of Liner and makes it cost effective.
  • Large Circulation Area– The flutes located in the slip and cone    offers large circulation area.

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