Hydraulic Liner HangerLiner hanger

Flex-Grip® I Hydraulic Liner Hanger


Product No.: CT-90501 & CT-90506

Completion Oil Tools FLEX-GRIP® series is capable of hanging extremely heavy liners. The dramatic increase in hanging capacity is due to unique design of Slip and Cone. These Slip are fully protected under Cone, and dual tapered ribs adds more strength to Hanger to achieve high hanging capacity.

  • Exceptional Slip design results in more uniform stresses in parent casing as axial load is applied. Equipped with field proven Taper Roller Bearing which offers rotation even after setting of the Hanger and during Cementing.
  • Fast Running-in speed– Compact design and protected Slips allows liner to run faster than conventional Hanger Packer in well.
  • Large Circulation Area– The flutes located in the slip and cone offers large circulation area.
  • Protected Slips- While running in, the hanger slips are mechanically contained under tool OD and protected in the Cone.
  • High Hanging Capacity- Unique design of Flex-Grip® slips and cone provides high hanging capacity.
  • Radial Load Distribution– By optimizing the slip/seat bearing surfaces, the load is circumferentially distributed by the slip to the seat. This type of hanger loading protects the liner pipe from collapse load
  • Minimizing Casing Damage– At rated load capacities, the FLEX-GRIP Slip causes no deformation of the pipe in which it is going to be set
  • Weld Free Construction– The slip-seat design provides a weld free assembly to transmit the liner load to the casing.

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