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Hydraulic Set-Flex Liner Hanger





The Hydraulic FLEX SET Liner Hanger with Integrated Packer provide a method for lock /hanging a  liner off bottom and in tension by anchoring, the top of the liner in previous casing.

  • The Hydraulic SET-FLEX Liner Hanger with Integrated Packer is set by hydraulic pressure within the running-in string. It provides large by-pass area for easy running and free circulation, and the large distributed slip contact area reduces stress in the supporting casing.
  • Integrated Packer is compression set that utilizes the High Performance Packing Element design. The Packing element is actuated by applying set-down weight to the tieback extension via the setting dogs of the packer setting tool.
  • Protected Slips– While running in, the hanger slips are mechanically contained under tool OD and protected in the Cone.
  • Radial Load Distribution– By optimizing the slip/seat bearing surfaces, the radial slip/ casing load is circumferential distributed by the slip to the seat. This type of hanger loading protects the liner pipe from collapse load.
  • Minimizing Casing Damage– At rated load capacities, the FLEX Slip causes no plastic deformation of the pipe in which it is going to be set.
  • Equipped with Taper Roller Bearing– Heavy duty bearing allows the liner to be rotated with the hanger in the set position while cementing the liner.
  • Weld Free Construction– The slip-seat design provides a weld free assembly to transmit the liner load to the casing.
  • Independent of Liner Threads, Weights and Grades– The Liner Hanger mounts on the outside of the liner pipe; therefore, itis compatible with and independent of liner threads, weight and grade.
  • High Hanging Capacity- Unique design of Flex slips and cone provides high hanging capacity.
  • Equipped with Integrated Packer- Integrated Hanger/Packer assembly reduces number of thread connections which improves integrity of Liner and makes it cost effective.
  • Bi-directional Slip– Eliminates both upward & downward movement of Liner.

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