Cementing Head & Manifold

HTCH Tech Top Drive Cementing System

Model No.: CT-HTCH

Product No.: CT-92904

The HTCH tech Top Drive Cementing System has been developed as a second generation of the conventional and highly reliable Top Drive Surface Cementing Equipment. It includes all the standard HTCH surface cementing components in a unitized assembly. The Top Drive Cementing Head(TDCH®)joint connections between the components have been eliminated, shortening the overall length significantly and reducing rig time required to make up the surface cementing assembly.

  • Short, compact design making handling easier when transported and on the rig.
  • Combination of a Swivel, Plug Dropping Head, Positive Ball Dropping Sub and Flag sub all built into one tool.
  • Fewer connections.
  • Clean OD profile – no external piping or valving to foul while rotating.
  • Simple, familiar operation of all functions.
  • Able to drop a variety of ball sizes – 1.125″ to 2.250″.
  • Ball Check – Counter clockwise will confirm the presence of a ball without danger of dropping it prematurely.
  • The Drill Pipe Plug can be released while circulating.
  • Internal by-pass eliminates the need for valves and external manifolds.
  • Easily operated and re-settable flag sub.
  • Drill pipe connections at the top and bottom.
  • Maximum strength and toughness from quenched and tempered alloy steel construction.
top drive cementing head
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