Cementing Head & Manifold

Top Drive Cementing Head With Double Plug

Model No.: CT-TOCH-4
Product No.: CT-92901

The Top Drive Cementing Head With Double Plug being manufactured from one piece of forged cylindrical body is robust in nature and easy to use. Cementing Head comprises of Flag sub, Valve operated Plug Dropping manifold, Ball dropping sub & By Pass Cementing manifold available with Box up and Pin down IF as standard or premium connections as per customers requirement applicable for pressure rating up to 10,000 PSI Cementing Line and Tensile Strength of 500 Ton.

The Positive Ball Dropping Sub is used to release varied sizes of setting balls to a ball seat down hole. This can be accomplished without breaking a drill pipe connection at the surface or by removing a hammer union cap. The ball is enclosed in a recess unaffected by the flow of fluids and is released with a simple turn of the handle. The handle is locked during the circulation period thus preventing possible premature release of setting ball. The sub is designed to drop varied sizes of ball ranging from 1.125” to 2.250“diameter.

  • Provides positive means to release a setting ball down.
  • Ball is protected from fluids while conditioning the liner.
  • Simple operation.
  • Drops various sizes of balls.

Flag sub is placed immediately below the plug dropping head and swivel. The position of the Flag indicates that the pump down plug has been released from the head and has moved down the drill pipe.

  • Positive indication that plug has left the Top Drive Cementing Head (TDCH®).
  • High tensile strength.
  • Standard Drill pipe connections.

The Integral Body Cementing Head suspends drill pipe weight from the rig elevators while retaining the plug which is to be released after completion of cementing. The cementing lines connect to the Cementing Head of running string during liner operations and incorporate a heavy-duty swivel assembly mechanism with taper roller bearing for easy string manipulation with the cementing lines in place. This swivel mechanism and drill pipe plug retainer are built in proper position of the Top Drive Cementing Head for unobstructed operations.

  • Maximum strength and toughness from quenched and tempered alloy steel construction.
  • Double plug dropping valve with single ball drop from 1.125” to 2.250”.
  • Drop plugs or Balls without stopping circulation.
  • Displacement fluid and cement are diverted below or above the plug through an external manifold.
  • Manifold rated to 10,000 PSI working Pressure.
  • Flag sub for visual indication of drill pipe wiper plug left head and easily re-settable.
  • Heavy duty swivel assembly permits easy manipulation of the string without breaking down/interrupting the cementing lines.
  • Shortest in length.
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