Cementing Head & Manifold

Double Cavity Casing Cementing Head

Model No.: CT-CCHD-2 & CT-CCHD-1

Product No.: CT93001 & 93002

Casing Cementing Head is used for cementing the annular space between casing and bore hole during 2nd stage of well construction cycle. The cementing head is employed to connect the pumps of the cementing trucks to the casing string and provides access for insertion of the cementing plugs.
Cementing heads are available in sizes 4 1/2” to 20”, for working pressure of 3,000 to 10,000 psi. Cementing head sizes & working pressures are inversely related. Generally for smaller sizes are high working pressure and for larger sizes less working pressure are the requirements.
Cementing heads could be of single plug or double plug types. Caps are “Acme” threaded or quick lock type and fitted with swivel chain assembly. The double plug cementing head has three valve manifold and two plunger assembly.

  • Short and compact design- compact design makes handling easier on the rig and when transporting.
  • High Tensile Rating- 4 TPI Acme internal connection with AISI 4140 heat treated material provides high tensile rating.
  • Easy Loading of Plugs- We can load the Plugs By removing the Cap which is having Acme internal connection is easy to open without any requirement of torqueing.
  • Plug Stopper- Innovative plug stop design eliminates potential for plug damage at the time of plug release. Flag sub indicator- Indicator provides proper indication that cementing plug has left from the Cementing Head.
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