Float Equipment

Single Valve Bottom Jet Swirl Shoe

Model No.: CT-SVJSS

Product No.: CT-91905

The Completion Oil Tools® Bottom Set Single Valve Float Shoes are designed to guide the liner to bottom and provide the primary valves for the displacement of cement. All Shoes are equipped with two back pressure valves that provide optimum assurance that the cement volume pumped around the liner remains in place. The aluminium guide nose contains external lugs that direct the Shoe during running in and provide support to string during cementing while shoe is landed over bottom of hole.  The complete range of these shoes includes variation of nose material and geometry and the inclusion and the direction of jets.

  • Phenolic plunger valve.
  • Large flow area.
  • Steel shell made of collar stock.
  • High strength concrete.
  • Aluminium, concrete and composite noses available in range of style.
  • Optional upward or downward facing down jets.
  • Most suitable for deviated wells.
  • PDC drillable.
  • Plunger seals instantly when circulation stopped.
  • Strength equivalent to Liner.

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