Float Equipment

Orifice Float Collar With Single Plunger Valve

Model No.: CT-ORFC

Product No.: CT-93704

COMPLETION OIL TOOLS® Orifice Float Collar for cemented Tieback applications, and the PBR Seal Nipple is combined with a stage collar or  ported put and an Orifice float collar. The Orifice Float Collar is designed with small diameter drilled holes through the float valve to allow fluid bypass and preventing hydraulic lock as the Seal Nipple stabs into the PBR after cement is in place.  A Polish Mill is run before to clean out PBR.

  • Available filled with premium threads.
  • Cement filled for easy drill up.
  • Prevent hydraulic blockage as the seal assembly is installed in the receptacle.
  • Decrease surge pressure on the tieback.
  • Allow a linear extension to be filled as it is run.
  • Serve as a stop for a cement plug during a tieback.
  • Prevent over run of fluids at the surface when running a tieback.
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