Float Equipment

Duplex Cement Float Collar

Model No.: CT-DCFC

Float Shoes by Completion Oil Tools® allow operator to maintain a constant fluid height inside the casing of a well. Duplex Shoes and Collars sizes 7” to 30” are furnished with heavy duty duplex connection. These heavy-duty connections have left hand threads and seal bores and are capable of carrying 100,000 lbs.

  • Small diameter inner string off drill pipe is used to displace the cement.
  • Improve displacement accuracy.
  • Protect casing—cementing pressures are confined to the drill pipe as in a squeeze job.
  • The Latch-In mechanism will act to anchor the inner-string to the casing, eliminating the possibility of hydraulically pumping or “lifting” it out.
  • Problem with high rate displacement are overcome by using Latch in Cementing Equipment to allow cementing through drill pipe.
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