Float Equipment


Model No.: CT-CDC

Product No.: CT93901

Differential fill-up equipment allows 90% casing fill-up during running-in, reducing surge pressure caused by the piston effect of running in restricted I.D.’s. Use of differential collar provides additional buoyancy by allowing only 81% casing fill-up further enhancing works efficiency.
Differential Collar is pressure and cementing plug activated. Circulating can be established at any time while running in. Dropping a ball converts the differential valve to a regular back-pressure valve. When Shoe and Collar are run together, dropping one ball converts both units.

  • Easily convertible to conventional valve- Converted to conventional one-way check valve by dropping a ball and pressuring up to release the upper flapper.
  • Various ball size – conversion ball is available in various size i.e 1-1/4” , 1-1/2” , 1-3/4”.

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