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Combined Running Tool

Running Tool
  • Combined Running Tool incorporates a floating nut and bearing race system to provide easy release by right-hand rotation after the liner is hung.
  • Once the cement job is complete, simply pick straight up to pull out of the hole.
  • Tool will set either left or right hand mechanical set liner hangers.
  • Will carry heavy liner loads on Acme threaded floating nut.
  • Combined Running Tool is released with right hand rotation, therefore, less danger of backing off the drill pipe.
  • This is an integrated single body structure of packer setting tool and hanger running tool.
  • Shortest in length that give rise to make use of shorter length of PBR.
  • While rotating the string the dog sub supported by special thrust bearing, does not rotate so as not cause any damage to the honed ID of PBR.
  • Applied load value for setting of Casing/ Liner Top Packer indication will be observed at the rig floor once the Combined Running Tool  has been pulled out.

Runs right hand set mechanical liner hanger (LHM®) as well as hydraulic liner hangers of Completion Oil Tools both rotating and non-rotating types in combination with the Type RH-3 Setting Sleeve.

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