Combined Running Tool

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Running Tool

Features & Benefits: Combined Running Tool incorporates a floating nut and bearing race system to provide easy release by right-hand rotation after the liner is hung. Once the cement job is complete, simply pick straight up to pull out of the hole. Tool will set either left or right hand mechanical set liner hangers. Will […]

CT-URT® Right Rotation Running Tool

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Right Rotation Running Tool

MODEL: CT-RRRTPRODUCT NO.: CT-92502 The Right Rotation Running Tool is designed to run and set both mechanical & Hydraulic Liner Hanger as well as all others tools with Running profile on Setting Sleeve/ PBR. The Liner Running Tool is made up to the Polished bore receptacle/ Setting Sleeve by left hand rotation. A set of […]

CT-HRT® Hydraulic Release Running Tool

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Product NO.: CT-92401 Hydraulic Release Running Tool or Liner Setting Tool connects to the HRT-E Setting Sleeve, Product Family No. CT91501 or a Liner Top Packer with HRT profile, and provides a means to carry a liner down hole, set a liner hanger and release from the liner prior to or, if desired, after cementing. […]

CT-URT® Mechanical Release Running Tool

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Model No.: CT-MRRTProduct No.: CT92501 Mechanical Release Running Tool of Completion Oil Tools® Pvt. Ltd. is an assembly that conveys the liner wiper plugs, seal assembly and hanger assembly into the well. After the Setting of liner hanger, Running tool is released by right hand rotation, the liner hanger and the running tool is released, picked […]