Running Tool

CT-URT® Right Rotation Running Tool


The Right Rotation Running Tool is designed to run and set both mechanical & Hydraulic Liner Hangers as well as all others tools with Running profile on Setting Sleeve/ PBR.

The Liner Running Tool is made up to the Polished bore receptacle/ Setting Sleeve by left hand rotation. A set of three lugs on the running tool latches  into the PBR / Setting Sleeve, allowing Liner to be rotated with the tension on the tool.

The Right Rotation Running Tool of Completion Oil Tools®, is designed in two versions, one to run rotating liner hangers, and one to run non-rotating liner hangers, The rotating versions has a smooth outer surface with glide buttons to prevent damage to the tie-back extension.

  1. Constructed of high strength material to provide high load capacity.
  2. A torque control system transmits torque to the liner hanger. This allows liner rotation, setting of mechanical liner hangers and prevents premature releasing of running tool.
  3. After tool is released torque fingers latches into Setting Sleeve or PBR to allow liner rotation during cementing operations.
  4. Rotating Dog Sub used for packer setting.

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