Combined Running Tool

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Running Tool

Features & Benefits: Combined Running Tool incorporates a floating nut and bearing race system to provide easy release by right-hand rotation after the liner is hung. Once the cement job is complete, simply pick straight up to pull out of the hole. Tool will set either left or right hand mechanical set liner hangers. Will […]

CT-PST® Flat Dog Packer Setting Tool

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Product No.: CT-92603 Flat Dog Packer Setting Tool is a pack off Setting Tool used in conjunction with the liner setting tool. It is used when running liner equipment with liner top pack offs. With the liner hung and the setting tool released the string is picked up to release the setting dogs. Setting weight […]

CT-PST® Packer Setting Tool with Shear Indicator

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The Packer Setting Tool (CT-PST®) with Shear Indicator is a rental tool that is installed between the main body of the HR & RH Running Tool and the Handling Nipple. The Rotating Packer Setting Tool is designed to apply set down weight to Compression set liner top packers (CT-TBP, CT-MLTP-S2, CT-LTP-S2, etc.).  A set of spring […]