Running Tool

CT-HRT® Hydraulic Release Running Tool


Product NO.: CT-92401

Hydraulic Release Running Tool or Liner Setting Tool connects to the HRT-E Setting Sleeve, Product Family No. CT91501 or a Liner Top Packer with HRT profile, and provides a means to carry a liner down hole, set a liner hanger and release from the liner prior to or, if desired, after cementing. The primary releasing mechanism is hydraulic with an emergency mechanical backup release system. This Running tool carries the weight of the liner on a fully supported collet assembly with no threads that could back off and drop the liner while running in the hole.High torque ratings of the HRT system allow aggressive rotation if required to work a liner to bottom.

  • Push, pull and rotate while running the liner down hole. The design of this tool allows right- hand rotation of the work string and liner with the tool in tension, compression or neutral.
  • Rotation after release when running a rotating liner hanger. Multiple torque fingers permit rotation of the liner during cementing after the hanger is set and the running tool released from the liner.
  • Easy stab-up to attach the HRT setting tool to the HRT liner setting sleeve. Simply align the torque fingers with the slots in the setting sleeve and push straight into automatically latch the setting toolinto the profile.
  • No rotation to release after actuating the hydraulic cylinder, the tool is retrieved by straight pickup. The collet is retained in the released position by an internal body lock ring to prevent re-engagement of the collet into the setting sleeve profile.
  • Release pressure and torque are adjustable to allow use in a wide variety of running conditions/applications.
  • Glide Buttons are provided on the OD of the tool to prevent metal to metal contact while stabbing or retrieving the setting tool from the tie-back extension.
  • Smooth ID-the HRRT liner setting sleeve provides a smooth ID for passage of seals and other tools run through the liner top.
  • Field Adjustable shear value by adding or removing exact numbers of shear screws as per desired value.
  • Emergency mechanical release in the event the primary hydraulic releasing mechanism fails to operate; Hydraulic Release Running Tool or Liner Setting Tool may be released mechanically by1/4 turn to left.

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