Bridge plug and Cement retainer

Wireline Set Retrievable Bridge Plug

Retrievable Bridge Plug

Model No.: CT-WRBP

Product No.: CT-95503

Retrievable (RTV® Bridge Plug is a designed to isolate the well bore during the performing treatments like fracturing, acidizing, surface equipment maintenance or temporary suspension of a producing formation. The CT-WRBP is  generally electric line wireline. This allows the plug to be logged on depth and accurately placed in the well.

With the use of our Hydraulic Setting Tool, the WRBP can also be conveyed into the well by jointed or coiled tubing. This method allows the operator to place the plug in a deviated well, where wireline is not an option.

The CT-WRBP can be retrieved using tubing, coiled tubing, or in some cases wireline by using the WRBP Retrieving Head. Retrieving the WRBP simply requires a set down force, then pull tension to release. There is no rotation required to pull the plug.

Our Bridge Plug designs are pressure tested by best quality, third party consultants to the exacting standards of the industry to ensure reliability for your operation.

  • May be lubricated into a live well.
  • Three element sealing system to provide superior pressure containment.
  • Built in differential pressure equalizing system.
  • WRBP will not release unless equalizing sleeve has been shifted.
  • Ability to hang pressure recorders.
  • One piece double acting slips to prevent movement in the casing.     

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