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Hydro-Mechanical Bridge Plug Model No.: CT- HMBP Product No.: CT-95704 The Hydro-Mechanical Bridge Plug is a drillable bridge plug, which utilizes abuilt-in hydraulic chamber to begin the setting process FEATURES : Hydraulic actuated mechanical set. Slim line design. Full tubing ID after releasing, if rotationally released. Tubing released by right hand rotation (primary) or shear […]

Wireline/Mechanical Set Bridge Plug

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Model No.: CT-MBP & CT-WBP Product No.: CT-95506 & CT-95501 Mechanical Set Bridge plug by COT® are high performance drillable bridge plugs, commonly used for zonal isolation during stimulation or cementing jobs, or for temporary and permanent abandonments. Features & Benefits: Wireline or mechanical set. Taper/Slim line design for quick wire line run. Simple conversion to […]

Wireline/Mechanical Set Cement Retainer

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Model No.: CT-WCR, CT-MCR Product No.: CT-95502 Cement Retainer is a high performance drillable cement retainer auitable for most remedial cementing applications. This is made to work as a drillable squeeze packer which, after cementing, acts as a plug trapping squeeze pressure on the cement below the retainer and isolating the newly cemented area from […]

Wireline Set Retrievable Bridge Plug

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Retrievable Bridge Plug

Model No.: CT-WRBP Product No.: CT-95503 Retrievable (RTV®)  Bridge Plug is a designed to isolate the well bore during the performing treatments like fracturing, acidizing, surface equipment maintenance or temporary suspension of a producing formation. The CT-WRBP is  generally electric line wireline. This allows the plug to be logged on depth and accurately placed in the […]

Mechanical Set Retrievable Bridge Plug

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Model No.: CT-MRBP Product No.: CT-95504 The Retrievable Bridge Plug is a high-pressure packer type plug used for multiple zone and selective single- zone treating and testing operations such as acidizing, fracturing, cementing, and testing. Advantages: A large internal by-pass area. reduce swabbing when running and retrieving. Useful for deep, high pressure wells. ideal for […]