Packer Setting Tool

CT-PST® Packer Setting Tool with Shear Indicator


The Packer Setting Tool (CT-PST®with Shear Indicator is a rental tool that is installed between the main body of the HR & RH Running Tool and the Handling Nipple. The Rotating Packer Setting Tool is designed to apply set down weight to Compression set liner top packers (CT-TBP, CT-MLTP-S2, CT-LTP-S2, etc.). A set of spring loaded dogs are used to transfer the set down weight from the drill string to the Tie Back Receptacle on the liner Top packer. A bearing assembly in the CT-PST® allows the drill-pipe to be rotated while slacking off weight to the liner top. The rotation of the drill-pipe will break the static friction between the drill-pipe and casing and allow additional weight to be transferred to the liner top. This is especially useful when running liners in highly deviated and dog-leg wells.

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