Mechanical packers

MECH-PAC® V Retrievable Mechanical Set Squeeze Packer


Retrievable Mechanical Set Squeeze Packer is a full-opening, hook wall packer used for testing, treating, and squeeze cementing operations.

Model No.: CT-MH 5

Product No.: CT-95305

In most cases, the tool runs with a circulating valve assembly. Packer body includes a J-slot mechanism, mechanical slips, packer elements, and hydraulic slips.

  • The full-opening design of the packer mandrel bore allows large volumes of fluid to pump through the tool.
  • Pressure through the tubing activates the hold down button
  • Its Larger slip hold high load capacity
  • Hold down buttons directly connected to body which increase load capacity
  • Tubing-type guns and other wireline tools can be run through the packer.

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