Flow Control

Landing Nipple

Model No: CT-LNP-X

Product No: CT-95008

Model No: CT-LNP-XN

Product No: CT-95009

Model No: CT-LNP-R

Product No: CT-95010

Model No: CT-LNP-RN

Product No: CT-95011

X and R landing nipples are run into the well on the completion tubing to provide a specific landing location for the subsurface flow control equipment. The common internal profiles of these landing nipples make them universal.

COMPLETION OIL TOOLS® CT-LNP-X and CT-LNP-XN landing nipples are designed for use with standard weight tubing. CT-LNP-R and CT-LNP-RN landing nipples are designed for use with heavy weight tubing. (The N designates no-go nipples).

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