FEED-PAC® Electric Submersible Packer

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electric submersible pump

FEED-PAC® Electric Submersible Packer is designed to facilitate the electric submersible pump’s chemical injection line and gas vent required with a completion. Model No.: CT-ESP Product No.: CT-95206 ESP packer model, the electric cable used to supply power to the electric submersible pump can either be incorporated or passed through the packer’s bore. Advantages: Single-trip […]

Hydraulic Set Single String Retrievable Packer

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Hydraulic Set Single String Retrievable Packer are CT-HYDRO-PAC which were originally designed with bidirectional slips where we faced problem of cone collapsing due to focal point loading effecting performance of the packer while testing. Overcoming this our engineers successfully designed the current model by introducing barrel slips. Model No.: CT-HYDRO 5 Product No.: CT-95205 Advantages: Single […]